About Tickets and age restrictions

What is the difference between GA and VIP ticket?

The GA (standard) ticket gives you access to the entire festival grass area where you can find all our food and beverage stands. On the green area you will also find all of our sponsors’ surfaces that offer various activities and competitions. And of course, it is here you will come closest to the scene for the best experience.

VIP has its own raised section in the best sun position and with a free view over the entire stage. With its own bars, real toilets and its own Fast Track entrance , VIP access is something for you that want the best. At the VIP section we also offer the possibility to book a table with accompanying drinks package for you and your party. With VIP, of course, you also have access down to the grass area.

Is it possible to pay with cash?

No, Big Slap is a cash-free festival.

What age restrictions apply?

We follow the Swedish Alcohol Act which means that 18 years is the age limit to access the festival area. In the VIP section, the age limit is 20 years.

Will there be any tickets released for underaged/ younger visitors?

No, the will be no tickets for underage/young visitors.

Are the tickets personal?

No, you can buy for others or give away, but a ticket only applies to one person.

Is it possible to attend the festival with an adult guardian?

No, this is unfortunately not possible. The age restrictions 18 and 20 are valid at all times.

Where can I buy tickets?

We use tickster.com and we do not have anything to do with the secondary market. Tickets can be purchased by pressing the ticket buttons on the site or on ticket.bigslap.se

If I have a VIP-ticket, do I have access to the same area as the standard tickets?

Yes, if you have purchased a VIP-ticket you can move freely on the entire festival site, except for the Cabana an Business Lounge area.

At The Festival

Whats not allowed to bring?

It is forbidden to bring your own food and drinks, umbrellas, camping chairs, stools, fireworks, selfie sticks, film cameras, system cameras, glass bottles and objects that can harm others.

How many VIP areas will there be?

There is one VIP area. VIP East is located on the left side of the stage.

Is it allowed to bring own food and drinks to the festival site?

No, neither food nor drinks may be brought into the area. Both food and drinks  can be purchased inside the festival area.

Is there a difference between standard A and B entrance?

We have divided the guests in order to ensure a smooth entry to the festival area. Once inside the standard festival area is the same.

Is it possible to go in and out of the festival area during the day?

Yes, this is possible but you have to go trough the security check each time.

What are the opening hours?

Friday Big Slap Live: 15.00 – 00.00
Saturday Big Slap EDM: 12.00 – 00.00

Other Questions

Is there going to be an official afterparty?

Yes, more information about the after parties will be released via our facebook and Instagram pages.

What is the status with the festival regarding the Corona Situation?

There is currently nothing to suggesting that Big Slap will be cancelled or postponed at the moment.

However, if it turns out that restrictions remain when as the festival dates are closing in we will continuously inform you about the situation in our social media channels.

Do you need staff for the festival?

If you want to work at Big Slap you can fill out the form on the site and we will get back to you if we need you help.

What time will the different artists play?

Information about the set times will be released as we come closer to the festival dates. Information will be released on our Facebook and Instagram channels.